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Hi folks guess you're all gagging to get started out well i've gone and picked out a few of the most usefull video's out there that are going to help you get started we will be covering as many different possibilities for you to make money straight away.lets get started then with our first video.

the first one we are covering is online surveys ok they dont pay much and most require you to make a certain amount before you can cash out but there are a few that do work is really good and pays quickly but it's in dollars but fear not uk members are welcome heres a video that was posted on how to sign up and complete an offer it wont make millions but if you put some effort in then you can usually do about 10 offers a night in an hour and i got £2 a week on average so thats £8 a month but remember to keep it up the more you do the better your offers get

so are you going to be rich doing paid surveys online no chance im sorry tried and tested and it's all a pile of rubbish but hey you haven't wasted your time on it yet so lets say you owe me one.


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